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Things I’ve learned to do on a rainy day pt. 2

Occasionally I find myself stuck at home with a couple of kids and a rain day. After the requisite 9am Sesame Street viewing and maybe some Price is Right, there’s a whole lot of space time and energy needed to burn in there. This past winter I found a book called The Toddler’s Busy Book, meant to give stuck at home parents all sorts of jolly craft and cooking ideas. The best idea I got from that book. Get a basket and some balls and play “Toss the Balls in the Basket”. This book is a wee bit too unrealistic for me. I am not lucky enough to have a craft room or even a craft closet. I do have a craft box, filled with stuff like paint and chalk and bubbles and mostly stuff I don’t feel like cleaning up after he decides to smear it on the rug/couch/wall. I am also not lucky enough to have a kid that eats. Anything. So the Super helpful ideas of making ants on a log or whatever other “toddler friendly” concoctions are in that book, not helpful. Does anyone need a Toddler’s Busy Book?

So, for the urban dweller amongst us, here is some stuff I’ve figured out that helps keep the kids entertained and a few that also allow me to get something done around the house.

  • Rain boots and puddle jumping. Even if it’s just around the block, loads of fun until someone takes a faceplant in said puddle because the uneven sidewalks are hidden by same said puddle.
  • Bear piles. Take all the bears and whatever other stuffed items you have and make a big pile and then jump around on it. This activity hopefully results in leaning back on the pile and reading a nice book.
  • Rearranging the kitchen cabinets, because nothing is more fun for a 2 yo than taking things out of the cabinet and putting them back inĀ  (get a rag and clean the cabinets while the child is removing items) and imagine how surprised your partner will be when they come home, reach in for the nuts and find a can of beans instead. Keep them guessing!
  • laundry. Not as easy with a newborn, but if the baby is napping, the laundry room can be a very exciting place
  • Dance Party – fire up that playlist and dance dance dance (which also counts as exercise)
  • Puppet Shows – pull out your favorite book (Confederacy of Dunces has worked well for me) and reenact scenes with whatever puppets, animals, figures you have lying around. The kids are entertained and I get to revisit an old favorite.
  • Youtube exercise videos, they are short and can target specific areas. Get the kids involved and challenge them to see who can do more crunches.
  • Make something – as a last resort, I’ll pull out the glue and glitter and whatever cardboard item I’ve saved, stick them all together and enjoy the delightful sparkly mess we made

Any combination of these ideas along with a sizable nap and “lunch” should usually get us through til 4pm when we can all sit down and watch Oprah or Ellen…although crap, starting next week, we don’t have an option. Oh Oprah, we’ll miss you. I guess I’ll get to enjoy my first attempt at explaining That Television Show Isn’t On Anymore.



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foot fetish

I should probably write something about my road to recovery, getting back in shape, eating healthy and clean…is it okay to say bah humbug in April? Why do I find keeping a food journal next to impossible? If I can’t be honest with myself then how am I EVER going to be honest with you. Yep, I ate the rest of my kids dinner last night, nope I didn’t write it down, because if I don’t write it down then I might not remember it and won’t feel bad about it at the end of the week. This is terrible reasoning. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say for breakfast I ate a two egg white omelet with a piece of turkey bacon and half a grapefruit and a big glass of water. Three hours later I had an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter (for the record, does anyone really eat a teaspoon of peanut butter?) For lunch I had a big spinach salad with tofu and walnuts and olive oil and lemon dressing. And dinner was some grilled fish with vegetables…um, asparagus? and finished with a lovely fruit salad.

This is not what I ate yesterday. Okay, let’s be honest, what did I eat yesterday…breakfast was some lemon yogurt with a bit of granola and water. Lunch was some chicken from Fairway, no, it wasn’t grilled…I don’t want to say what it was. Snack was the kids leftover dinner, whole wheat pasta with edamame, olive oil, cheese. And then dinner was gumbo with okra and veggie sausage and bread and butter. And a glass of wine. And then this gross frozen yogurt thing that’s meant for little kids, but I felt I had to try it. I suppose the under 5 set would find it tasty. I also ate some of Harry’s pretzels, but only because he was sharing them so nicely with me. I think that’s it. I suppose it’s not an awful day of eating, but if I did things like meal planning or even thinking about what I was going to eat for lunch…maybe that commercial that talks about how a day of healthy eating starts with what you have for breakfast is true.

Okay, I have a 3 1/2 week old. Maybe I can start meal planning next month. And this month just think about sensible portion size and less snacks and less finishing off H’s dinner.

And on to more important things – the reason for the title of today’s post. I don’t KNOW the last time I wore heels, much less tied on my tennis shoes. And so I wonder if it’s possible to pull these off?

Two shoes for the price of one! I wonder what the playground moms would say?

Have a wonderful day!

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The road to recovery

Okay, so my new years resolution of keeping up with this blog failed. But I was finding it next to impossible to write anything of any use about fitness or health at 30+ weeks pregnant, when all I wanted to do was sit on my butt, eat and watch old 90210 reruns. But here we are. 3 weeks postpartum and it’s time for me to get back on that horse. Time to get back outside, time to introduce my new baby to the world of Prospect Park and exercise, time to start clean eating and clean living and refocusing my attention on my self, my family and my business.

It’s been a roller coaster couple of weeks. The lead up to the birth was an exercise in frustration, discomfort and boredom. And these past few weeks following the birth have been an exhausting hormonal fiesta of baby love. I’ve been amazed at how easy it’s been to forget the exhaustion, the engorgement, the feeling of being nothing more than a baby feeding machine. But at least now I know how fleeting this time is, and how important it is to live in the moment and be as present as possible for not only the new baby but the whole family.

I don’t know what’s more exhausting, the fluctuating hormones or the sleeplessness. There have been a few days where crying seems to be the easiest thing to do. Days when I feel like the worst mom in the world because I have to focus so much attention on the new baby and Harry is getting the shaft. I went from spending all the time in the world with Harry and now we get fleeting moments of together time. And while he’s being a champ, I can tell he’s frustrated and confused. And I know it’ll work itself out and the hormones will equalize, but some days it’s hard to imagine how…and when.

The plan is to use this blog as a path to recovery. Today starts the Get Fit Challenge with Stroller Strides, we’re challenging moms to see what changes they can make in their body, lifestyle, eating habits and while I can’t join in on classes yet, I can start making changes in my life. I can write down what I eat, I can get out and go for a walk every day, practice plank, squats, kegels, I can go to bed earlier and drink more water and find the joy in spending time with my children and my husband.

And hopefully this will help alleviate my stress and nerves about how much life will change with these two kids and how I’m ever going to leave the house with these two children and my sanity again.


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