AnnaCatherine – Brooklyn based, Queens bred on the mean streets of Bayside – borderline NYC suburbia. I took the hyphen out of my name because growing up people didn’t understand double names so I made it one name. After a short lifetime of hedonistic theatre – I’ve spent the past 2 years having a child, buying a home and starting a Stroller Strides business partnered in crime by one adoring (and adored) husband.

I’m using this forum as part of my new found quest for balance, between work and life and everything that falls between those two lines all while staying true to myself, my family and my friends.

I would like to be a Luddite and if I could figure out what to do there, I would move to the country and bake my own bread and grow vegetables. In the meantime, I’ve developed a new love of fitness and helping other moms discover their new found strength in motherhood.

I like the beach, a good book, a big hat, salty snacks and a cold beer (light of course).