Is it wrong?

That all I really want for Mother’s Day is to have a day to myself, go to the movies, get my nails done, eat something yummy and have a really good margarita?

I love all those boys I live with to death, but I spend all day every day with them. And I’ve been wanting a fine margarita since about month two of being pregnant.



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2 responses to “Is it wrong?

  1. Linda Viviano

    not wrong at all..
    as a mom we put our kids and hubby way before us….on mother’s day we should have a day for ourselves….as a nursing mom it i even harder….bc there is a lot more we are reponsible for especially in what we eat and drink…. or don’t drink….

    have a virgin margarita… or after your latest feeding have a small one if you wish… enjoy your mother’s day…. you were blessed with a beautiful family… but you deserve a little for yourself…
    i know this is easier said than done…..i am guilty of putting myself last….

  2. Not wrong at all! In fact, I’d say it’s both understandable and an excellent gift request. If it’s supposed to be a day to honor moms, it seems well within reason that you should get a chance to celebrate by doing something different . . . in this case, relaxing and getting a chance to just be treated, without worrying about managing the guys!

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