Getting on with iy

Four weeks ago I had my second baby. Yesterday, my husband went back to work – I know how incredibly lucky I have been to have had all this extra help and support, but I think it’s also made me a little lazy and a little bit more scared than I need to be.

Today was my first morning alone with the baby and the two year old. While I was nursing, the toddler decided to remove every toy from his toy box, open up the freezer and take out an ice pop and a handful of ice and in general wreak havoc, all while I’m on the couch with a baby on my boob saying oh, please don’t do that. It made me feel kind of pathetic. And weak.

Okay, firstly, how do I keep him out of the darn freezer? Ugh. It’s one of those bottom drawer freezers and I don’t even know, do they make child proofing for that? He’s already figured out how the “child proof” drawers and cabinets work.

And secondly, what on earth do I do while nursing. I’ve read all about the “special” toddler toy box or offering to read to him or even putting on the television. This morning we had on Sesame Street (which engaged him for all of about 10 minutes) and when I asked if he wanted to come sit with us, he threw a plastic penguin from the “special” toy box at me.

I know we all have to go through an adjustment period, but boy oh boy, I sure do hope it’s a short one.

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