If we can’t live on the Mediterranean, at least we can pretend

Last night was a rough one, baby W had some gas, not just some gas, a lot of GAS, bad gas, keeping him up all night crying gas, farting, burping, help me the only thing that will make me not cry is nursing and oops I just nursed too much and spit up all over you gas. So I had a lot of time to think.

And one of the things I thought about is how there is a strong possibility that my dietary choices are affecting this little baby’s gastrointestinal system. And maybe I should start paying more attention to what I’m eating and avoid those gassy foods (and firstly find out what those gassy foods are).

Which then started me thinking about the Mediterranean diet that has been oft discussed in the news lately. And I can really dig this diet. Maybe not as much as I dig the Asian diet, because sometimes I feel like I could live on brown rice and tofu, but I can get behind the philosophy of the Mediterraneans and their diet. Not to mention their great skin and healthy lifestyles but Yay fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains and beans and olive oil and red wine. Boo meat and sweets…although it doesn’t say where chocolate falls into this plan. Dark chocolate of course…for the anti oxidants.

So I’m going to make an effort to walk this path. Here is dinner tonight.

yep, that’s a big ball of cheese, but it’s super fresh mozzarella. That counts, right?


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