What I want

It’s a disgustingly rainy day – it’s 3:30 and the kid is still napping, so with all this time on my hands, here’s a list of things that I want, mostly because I’m preggo

Fried Chicken – the spicy Korean kind… or regular fried chicken, doesn’t matter
to be able to see my toes
fruit salad that I don’t have to cut up and doesn’t have any melon or grapes in it
CAKE – strawberry short, carrot, wedding, chocolate layered or a lemon tart or some pie
to run or simply walk regularly – waddling is for ducks
Bourbon and a beer
for winter to be OVER – okay, I’d want that even if I wasn’t pg
a really good TV show to watch – something like The Wire, but better!
to stop dropping things that take me minutes to pick up
a waistline
a full time housekeeper/nanny/driver
a bigger freezer


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