It’s just like really, y’know?

Driving somewhere the other day, I declared that I was putting a moratorium on the following words
y’know and lazy conjugations in general
he goes and she goes
and in general using qualifiers instead of real words

We need to start speaking like adults. I’ve been working on removing “like” from my vocabulary but it seems to have been replaced by “just”. Everything is just this and just that. So now I need to work on that. It’s even easier to write, so I’m going to work on removing it from my writing as well. Gunna is another popular one. When did we stop saying going to. I am going to do this. Yes, it’s an extra syllable, but I actually feel better about myself when I say going to instead of gunna.

I understand “like” is here to stay, but if we as parents can’t speak in sentences without using it or any of these other lazy qualifiers and conjugations we have started to use in our speech, how can we ever expect our kids to be eminent speakers or appreciate the beauty of a tremendous vocabulary.  Okay, we’re not Shakespeare, he used over 15,000 words in his plays and tooday the average American has a vocabulary of about 2,000 – 4,000 words. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to use words that our kids will have to ask, what does that mean? And I don’t mean when they’re 2 and don’t know what a weevil is.

It’s a tough moratorium to put down in the house, because it’s a pretty slippery slope correcting your husbands speech patterns when he grew up with a mother who did the same thing. BUT we’re adults now, and we have kids who listen to EVERYTHING we say and are impressionable and you don’t hear Mr. Obama or John Stewart saying like, y’know. I know they’re usually scripted, but sometimes they’re not, when they’re home they’re not, and I bet they don’t like talk all lazy and shit. y’know?

Next up. Grammar…and the appropriate use of a comma.


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