Just because we’re stuck inside

Doesn’t mean we can’t get some exercise in.

Here are some foul weather tips on getting your exercise while you and the baby stare at each other

Arms – Instead of weights, the baby can be held or lifted slowly for resistance. As long as the baby has good head control, he will enjoy the extra face time.
Shoulders – hold the baby overhead and raise and lower while playing peek a boo.
Kiss-ups – but the baby on the floor underneath you – your hands are in line with your shoulders, raise and lower giving that baby a kiss each time you get down.

Crunches – lower obliques – lie the baby on your stomach – hands under your lower back and legs up in the air – lower them slowly down to about six inches off the ground and then slowly back up
If you have a stability ball – lie on the ball with your feet on the floor and your upper body on the ball. Place the baby on your lower lap and slowly raise and lower your chest. CRUNCHES!

Hip Bridge – again, more lying on the floor – baby on your chest – feet on the floor, knees up, raise and lower those hips, giving a good glute  squeeze with every lift.

Kegels – you can do these just about any old time. If you just read this, I hope you’re doing those kegels right now.

Butt busters – Holding the baby under his arms, your feet are hip width apart, bring one knee up and lunge laterally, lowering the baby to allow his feet to touch the floor. Keep your back straight, chin up, while lunging. Lift the baby back up, bring the knee back up and back to center.

Just Dance. Put on your favorite fast paced song and dance the whole time with the baby. They will love this and you will get that heart pumping. Harry still loves him some Britney Spears and we have a ridiculous time dancing around to her old hits.

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