What I want to do vs. what I do do (heh do do)

Okay, we survived another snow day yesterday. The snow wasn’t really all that bad, but I live with a kid who currently won’t walk around in the snow and at 29 weeks pg, I just don’t have it in me to carry him around so he can look at the snow…and heaven forbid the sidewalks would be stroller friendly…so we had an indoor snow day. I know, I know, I should just force him to go outside and we could both use the fresh air, but darn it, I’m preggo and can do whatever I want. Sort of.
Pre baby – if I had found myself with a day off and 8 inches of snow on the ground, forget about it. I would have been lying on the couch, under blankets, watching game shows and wondering what time is okay to start the hot toddies.
Since motherhood and really toddlerdom, there is not a single thing on that list that I can get away with. Not only do I have to be entertaining and get creative with how we spend our time, but I should really try and make our home bound time interesting and possibly educational (ie not turning on the television and watching the Price is Right).  And amazingly, we passed the day and had fun and we made some stuff with craft supplies that I found around the house (THAT’S WHAT PAPER PLATES ARE FOR). We played with glitter, which will now be in the carpet til I guess, forever. We blew up balloons and pretended to be pregnant and danced around to show tunes and in general had a really silly and fun day. AND for a few blissful minutes we did get into bed and lie under the covers and read stories.
AND in the midst of all of this hilarity, I remembered to do some exercise and H played along and did some squats with me.
Take that old me.



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