A GREAT post from Lisa Druxman today on the Stroller Strides blog about how we could all use a moment to unplug.

I was thinking the other day about what I was doing ten years ago, working this summer job where we had computers, but didn’t really use the internet, much less email all that much. I can’t imagine how we did our jobs back then without email or web searches? And how quickly things have changed. My kids will never know a world where we don’t carry computers around in our pockets or stand around discussing if Josh Brolin did a movie before Goonies or wonder whatever happened to that person you went to Jr. High with…

Nope, thanks facebook. But if we don’t start teaching them that it’s okay to turn off sometimes and by this I mean that we actually turn off sometimes, how will they ever know.

Thanks Lisa for your thoughts – here they are…

Last night, I watched a show called Crackberry about how addicted we are to our phones and how much harm can come of it. It showed everything from car accidents to train accidents, from family dysfunction to work problems. This year, we announced a new employee program at Stroller Strides called Unplugged. Each employee is suggested to take one day off a month and literally unplug their phones, email, texting, skype, instant messaging, etc. I’m a firm believer that there is no room in our brain to create anything new if we are always inputting information. In fact, none of us are working as effectively as we should be. The show demonstrated that the brain cannot totally concentrate when you are aware that you might get a text, a skype or a Facebook post. So sad that it is so difficult to disconnect that there is now a program called Freedom where you literally buy a program that will lock you out of the internet. Shouldn’t we be able to do this on our own?
Of course, my posts most usually tie in to motherhood.
Do you want your child to text and drive?
Do you want your child to take calls at dinner?
Do you want your child to be on Facebook when doing homework?
No? Then we better curb our actions now because they are watching and learning. They are being raised in this tech-connected age so it will be much harder for them to escape.
Me? I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Linked In, etc. But in my heart, I know that we all need to UNPLUG!



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