the 30 second rule

I’ve been reading a lot of parenting (and birthing) books these past few weeks. And by reading, I mean what I do for the 10 minutes between when I get in to bed and my eyes forcibly close. BUT, the other night I was reading this chapter about work/life balance and how to maintain a semblance of an organized home while having kids and the woman talked about the 30 second rule. If there’s something to do that will take less than 30 seconds then just go ahead and do it. A lot can be done in 30 seconds. I remember this episode of 21 Jump Street, I think it was Johnny Depp’s last season, when he got all melancholy and mopey because he went undercover to jail and had a really hard time. Anyway, there was this one episode where he could have prevented someone getting shot and all it took was 10 seconds, and he became obsessed with what could be done in ten seconds, like tie your shoes, that kind of thing…

So imagine what can be done in 30 seconds. Last night, I took off my socks before going to the shower and given my exhaustion level last night, I probably would have left them there but I remembered the 30 second rule. And it only took me about 5 seconds to put those socks in the hamper. And today, I pulled out a tissue package and left it on the counter and was about to walk away, but no, the 30 second rule and put it back in the medicine cabinet.

I don’t know how much I’ll actually live by this rule, but it seemed handy enough to share and a great tool to keeping some hint of order in what seems like a fairly disorderly life.


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