Post holiday guilt, I won’t buy it

Yep, I ate some cookies this week, and chocolate, and I think there might have been a pound of butter used in the family Christmas dinner. Okay, there was a lot of consumption, and of that consumption, not a lot of it was, let’s say, kale. AND with all best intentions of going for daily long walks after Christmas foiled by Blizzmageddon and the awesome NYC DOT deciding not to plow the roads in Brooklyn this year and my delicate 7 month pregnant self and a kid who had the croup followed by crazy teething, it’s been pretty easy to fall in to the rut of oh why bother, I’ll just wait til the baby is born and work extra hard to get the weight off then. But you know what? No.

I’m throwing out all the leftover cookies and snack mix and best intention vegetables going mushy in my vegetable drawer (some day I’ll figure out what to do with celeriac, but not today). And use the amazing power of the New Year to start over. To rededicate myself to health and wellness and fitness, to the best of my elephantine self’s ability. Yes, I will use that juicer and slow cooker and eat more beans and kale. Yes, I will go for a walk and get that kid out for some fresh air even if I can’t get outside because the streets are full of that delightful 5 day old NYC snow grime which make the crosswalks impassable with a stroller, then I will find a way to get in some exercise.

I’m lucky, I have to go to Stroller Strides – what are you going to do to recommit yourself to a new you this year?


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