Prospect Park – I’m going to miss you

Yesterday was our last** outdoor Stroller Strides class before we move indoors for the winter. I’m feeling a little melancholy about the move. I mean, I’m really excited to move indoors, not just because we’ll be warm, but I’m looking forward to the change the move will bring in our workouts and attendance. And while it’s definitely getting too cold to be outdoors all the time – it’s such a treat and a privilege to go to work in such a beautiful park. And since autumn started, it’s practically ours on those weekday mornings. Here’s a fantastic blog post from A Year in the Park that takes note of the recent super depressing NYT article on “outdoor deprivation disorder” and reminds us all to get the heck outside. Just because I’m not teaching outside, doesn’t mean I can’t still GO outside. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean we can’t all bundle up and go for a walk.

And I’ve already embraced the whole ridiculousness of “my kid will never do that” syndrome that we all fall prey to before the kid comes into the world and develops into their own little person that is pretty much going to do whatever they want to (within limitations). But I swear, I really don’t want to have one of those kids who doesn’t go outside and spends 7 and a HALF hours inside on electronic devices. This is not counting school time, this is a national average of time spent inside by our kids, not to mention us as adults. How much time do we spend outdoors, and walking to the train doesn’t count.

If you are within the vicinity of a park today, or any greenspace, I challenge you to go outside for one hour and just be. Go for a walk, feed the birds, let the kids run in the meadow or if you’re somewhere warm and feeling lazy (jealous) – grab a book and find a park bench and read or watch the cute guys playing touch football. Vitamin D is free y’all.


**technically it’s not our LAST outdoor class – based on temperature and wind chill, we will continue to meet outside on Fridays – check FB or the 800# to confirm.



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