Things we learned on a rainy day

I was not looking forward to yesterday – the weather forecast could not have been more bleak and H’s rain boots got left at his grandmothers and I was coming down with a cold. But we survived and in the process learned a few fun things that passed the day away…

Juggling is hilarious – especially if you can’t juggle but are good at making silly faces when you drop the balls.

Popcorn is delicious and is a great way to share a loooong snack together.

A little TV never hurt anyone – I suppose if you are diametrically opposed to letting your kid watch tv, then this isn’t for you – my kid was NEVER going to watch tv but then he went to daycare and discovered Elmo and well, Elmo works. And yesterday I got my first ever please when he wanted to watch Elmo. After walking around for about 30 minutes calling for Elmo, I said, do you want to watch some Elmo… yes… then say please… please Elmo. COME ON! They don’t call it the magic word for nothing. Of course for the rest of the day whenever I asked him to say please, it was followed immediately by Elmo. Sigh. We also watched a little Ellen, because he loves the dancing. I swear. Oprah = boring but ELLEN = amazing fun time calling for more dancing and little kids doing cute things.

Laundry can be fun. I mean for them. It’s still not fun for me.

Happy Hanukah everyone!


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  1. Amalia Parry

    Happy Hanukah AnnaCatherine!! We LOVE Elmo! 😉

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