I talked to my cousin this weekend, she lives down in Alabama, and she asked if I had reached the walrus phase of pregnancy yet. Okay, maybe I’m not walrus sized yet, but boy oh boy, is it getting harder to get up off the floor. And walrus is a pretty good analogy for what the last four months of pregnancy feels like.

You know what doesn’t help. Thanksgiving. I bought an extra 4 sticks of butter at the grocery store, because I didn’t want to run out while baking and cooking (thankfully, I only used two). And I was just cooking a few dishes. For friends. Most of whom don’t even eat carbs. So I might have eaten some of their carbs that night. And you know how after you have Thanksgiving, you’re so tired from eating and visiting that you don’t want to go to the kitchen and cook a nice healthy meal, so you order takeout the next night. Is that just me?

And then you’re so tired you don’t even really want to go for a walk or anything but lie on the couch and think about how stuffed you are from two days of eating, which really turns in to four days of eating because it really  is the never ending weekend. Yeah? Well, I’m feeling the effects. I suppose I can claim that it’s the walrus part of me, but if I don’t get some leafy greens and a big fat walk into my system soon, I might start growing tusks.


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