There’s this website I really like called Healthy Child – last week they sent out a post that made me remember that the work we do as parents is so important. Sure, it includes more cleaning up than I ever thought I’d do, and catching food that gets spit out for no real reason and then sitting there with a handful of half chewed food, and standing around the freezing cold playground while he burns himself out, but it’s also great and powerful work and more rewarding than a Christmas Bonus.

If you’re reading this and have a kid, who may never say thank you, remember how thankful they really are and how much they love you for just being you. Sniff. Pregnancy makes me maudlin.

Le Post that made me think of you…

This year, switch things up a bit and take a moment (or more) to feel gratitude for yourself.

Seriously. You are amazing.

Every little thing you do to make your baby giggle, or to help your child learn, or to protect and nurture your family is worthy of respect and kudos – because there is nothing more important than protecting and nurturing children. Nothing.

Today, feel great about you. You deserve it.


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