Why do we work?

When I gave up my “job” after the baby was born, I was really excited. I wouldn’t have to go to the office anymore. Or maybe I was mostly excited about not having to commute anymore. Oh hahahaha little did I know what I was getting myself in to with this whole Stay at Home Mom thing. No joke, hardest job ever. Yeah, there’s no sweaty smelly commute, but at the office, I didn’t have to handle exploding up the back poop. And eventually I started to miss certain aspects of my office job. The problem solving, the companionship of workmates, the quiet that would come about around 10am when everyone was finally settled and actually working, people to have lunch with. And today I saw this post from Seth Godin – check him out, a master marketer

Reasons to work

  1. For the money
  2. To be challenged
  3. For the pleasure/calling of doing the work
  4. For the impact it makes on the world
  5. For the reputation you build in the community
  6. To solve interesting problems
  7. To be part of a group and to experience the mission
  8. To be appreciated

Why do we always focus on the first? Why do we advertise jobs or promotions as being generic on items 2 through 8 and differentiated only by #1?

In fact, unless you’re a drug kingpin or a Wall Street trader, my guess is that the other factors are at work every time you think about your work.

When I started Stroller Strides, it was because I needed an outlet. I needed something else to focus my energy on and it seemed like a great idea and one that was missing from my community. It’s been six months and I have to say – his reasons 2-8 of reasons to work are completely fulfilled. I’m still working on reason #1, and I’m not going to say it doesn’t matter, but I get so much more out of this work than any other theater or office job I’ve ever had, the reward makes it all worth it. And eventually #1 will come, but because of 2-8, I don’t mind waiting.



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2 responses to “Why do we work?

  1. Hi AnnaCatherine,
    I sent Seth’s blog post out today too. Something in it resonated with me. Let’s make today about #2-8 today. : )

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