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I have some time to kill, the wee one is taking his nap and my work site is down, so, while I could probably use this time to better myself, read Little Dorritt or take a nap or clean out something, instead I’m doing some online research (or wasting time, depends on your take) and came across this little video from Jezebel.

What fast food really looks like

It’s pretty easy to live in New York and get away with not eating fast food. We don’t spend a ton of time in our cars, for those of us with cars, and if there isn’t a place conveniently located to your home or work or subway station, you probably won’t even see a whole lot of them. But the fast food industry spends BILLIONS of advertising dollars a year, targeting us and our kids. Especially our kids. I was so happy to read about San Francisco and their bold decision to ban the Happy Meal (although vetoed by the up til now cool Mayor Newsome). I mean really, what little kid needs to eat that much saturated fat and sodium in one meal ever, shoot, we as adults don’t need to eat that much fat/sodium/calories in one meal, but these products and their little plastic toys are being marketed to our kids.

Okay, for real, I love taco bell. I do. I love their chicken tacos and their nachos with cheese sauce, but when we do happen to make the run for the border, it’s because we’re in a car, usually heading somewhere long distance and since we’re going to be sitting on our butts for a couple of hours anyway so might as well make them a little more comfy and in my haste to remember everything and get out the door, I most definitely did not remember to pack a healthy lunch.

But I don’t want to eat it every day. And you know what, the chicken tacos I can make at home taste every bit as good without the weird aftertaste and without the allure of the diet pepsi. And I sure as shoot don’t want my kids eating it every day. So where’s the line? How do you be a responsible parent and not let your kid pork out on fast food but at the same time not deny him the treat of dipping his processed chicken bits  and soggy fries into ketchup, because as long as he watches TV or keeps his eyes open in the world he will at some point make the food/fun association and I don’t want him to have to sneak off to eat this stuff.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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