Genius idea – file under shopping

Okay, time to start a category called Shopping, because this is GENIUS. Check out Rent the Runway. A few reasons why this website strikes me as brilliant. You start with an event and a date, shop for the perfect dress and accessories, they ship it to you just in time for your event, you get to wear it and ship it back for FREE. And you can shop by categories like body type, occasion (beach vacation, meet the parents, bump friendly) length, etc.

Someday I will have occasion to get dressed up again. I am really fortunate to attend a bunch of theater openings, but given my growing girth and the considerable roominess of a theater seat, I’m not really caring about wearing a fancy new outfit, much less heels. However, someday I will want to dress up again, which brings me to…  Who has time to shop? Okay, I might be able to find the time, but I certainly don’t have the energy to go fancy dress shopping with a toddler. Tried it. Once. Not something I want to do again. This site affords you the luxury of shopping during nap time, or during Law & Order: Los Angeles (wild tangent – is it just me or does something seem to be lacking in this show, oh, maybe, um, where is New York? It was more than just a backdrop for the show, it was kind of the central character of L&O. Call me jaded, but Law & Order LA just feels like it’s trying, shows in CA are supposed to star cute teenagers dealing with all the problems that life can throw at them).

Back to the point – add to all of this, you get the thrill of putting on something fabulous and new to you without the gasp of the credit card bill.

Okay, I think this is supposed to be a blog about fit moms. Next post, I promise.



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