Happy Anniversary all you hubbys out there

Tomorrow we are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. We’re dropping the kiddo off at his grandparents and heading up to the Dreamaway Lodge in Becket, MA for dinner and a night in the country. If you ever spend any time in the Berkshires, I highly recommend a visit to this place. Daniel the purveyor is a dream, the food is delicious, the music is fun and local and the ambiance. I can’t say enough about it. It’s where we got married and we try to visit a few times every year. BUT, that’s not the reason for the post.

Five years of marriage and that’s following 12 years of courtship, shacking up, countless moves, laughs, tears, jobs, hairstyles and now baby #2. Seventeen years. Almost half my life.  I don’t really know how to put words to how I feel about this guy.

I think this post is just a shout out to all those amazing hard working husbands and dads and dads to be. I know I spend more time than I should expecting him to live up to some sort of mind reading ideal and then giving him a hard time when he CAN’T read my mind. In my saner moments, when I can focus on more than what’s going on with me, I am able to realize that he does more for me and our family in one day than I could ever expect to do myself or even with a small army of myselfs (we would all get tired at 6pm).

I don’t need to go into what all amazing things he does, he knows. But I hope he knows that I know. And I hope that in my quest to find that balance between motherhood and life, I can rediscover my ability to not only appreciate but acknowledge all the wonderful things he does for me, every day.

And ladies, in general, let’s remember to not take these men of ours for granted. They really do try so hard to do the right thing by us (most of the time) and let’s remember that they’re human, and would we want to have all of our annoying faults and inconsistencies pointed out to us on a daily basis. Wow, I can’t even imagine.

So today and through the weekend, I am going to practice patience and kindness and not saying mean or hurtful things. I hope you’ll join me. I do it with the kid all the time. He gets on my nerves hard and I’m not mean to him. So why should it be any different with the man I love. I hope to make it past 6pm today.

And if I don’t, well, I know he’ll understand and love me anyway. Warts and all.


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  1. Congratulations to you both….

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