Reasons to love Autumn in Brooklyn

How amazing it is to be able to work out outside in the park with my kid. The super fresh (for NYC) air, the squirrels running rampant foraging, the brisk temperature and the awesome moms and babies who continually show up for class.

Have you been to the Long Meadow in Prospect Park, I think if you look up the word pastoral, there might be a picture of the meadow in late October there.

Apple season, not just apple picking, but apples. That bright delicious snap when you bite into one, the crunchiness, the way it can satiate my hunger and nonstop desire for sweetness in one piece of fruit, the fact that an apple makes my kid so happy and  apple cider, apple donuts and apples in general.

The color of the sky at dusk, the light turns this magical gold color that makes me a little teary eyed when it comes through my bedroom window.

The anticipation of Halloween and having kids and knowing other moms with kids. What’s your kid going to dress as? Are you going to let your kid eat candy and if so, how much is too much? Are you going to the parade, will I see you there?

Breaking out the cold weather clothes and then being so delighted when you get a surprise warm day (or week) and thank goodness I didn’t pack away the warm weather clothes yet.

Butternut squash lasagna – recipe here (I replace acorn squash with butternut, but you can do as you please) Either way it is decadence in a pan.


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One response to “Reasons to love Autumn in Brooklyn

  1. Kimberlee hewitt

    I do love new York fall season.

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