Nobody said this was going to be easy

Hi online world -Full disclosure, this is not the first time I have tried to start this blog. But the first few incarnations were written from my exhausted state of mind and sounded overly whiny and maybe a wee bit angry.

I solemnly commit to leaving out of this here blog all anger and whining, unless it is completely justified or I get less than 5 hours sleep and for some reason feel the need to post something.

I also commit to updating you faithful readers on all sorts of relevant fitness, Brooklyn and mom-specific information.

But it’s not going to be easy for me. Mostly because I really like to start things and then am super lousy about the follow through. Having a kid really does put a stop to that. There is no “not following through” with it. From the time that baby popped, there he was, completely and totally dependent on me for everything, for comfort and love, for nourishment, for companionship and entertainment and transportation and keeping him clean and clothing him. There is no, oh, listen baby, mummy is kind of tired so would you mind sitting here for a few hours while I go catch up on my reading, thanks. And for all that, there is also perfect and complete love. Who else lights up when I enter a room and comes running full tilt boogie at me to be lifted up and gives kisses on demand. I probably shouldn’t go on too much, otherwise I’ll start bawling here at my keyboard.

My point, raising kids is not easy. Nobody ever said it was. It is the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life. And aside from that, starting my Stroller Strides franchise hasn’t been easy either. It’s no raising a child, but it has it’s similarities.

Similarities include; the same constant need for attention and love, a reason to go outdoors and have fun every day, a way to meet new moms and babies and create a whole new circle of friends.

Of course, one is cute and cuddly and makes me laugh my butt off every day and the other is sweaty and tough and make me work my butt off every day. So they’re not completely similar.

Add to all that the need to keep one husband happy, manage a home, try and see some friends every now and then, visit with grandparents and be pregnant on top of it. I know nobody said this was going to be easy, but sheesh. This makes commuting on the 7 train look like a treat. okay…maybe a slight exaggeration, you get the point.

Ok. I suppose that is long enough for rambly post #1. Stay tuned dear reader for what I hope is much more to come.




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2 responses to “Nobody said this was going to be easy

  1. Kimberlee hewitt

    Love your blog! Oxxoxo

  2. AC – You are not alone. 🙂 Being a mom has been the hardest and the best job I’ve ever had. If you’re lucky, they’ll still like to hang out with mom when they are teenagers and beyond. I’m very lucky that way!

    Please put me on the family notify list when the new little one arrives. Everyone tells my mom news, but she never passes it on to me, even though we see each other a lot.


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